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We provide professional services of high standards , meeting the extracting requirements of our clients and provide business strategy ,planning and administration to establish a full sales function through development and execution of new management concepts.

We Offer

1Technological solutions
For your company's growth it is very important or essential to choose superlative technology. Established progress and the focus on customer oriented business model generate new opportunities for your organization. Our digital structure improves your company's result in five sectors such as Experience, Recognition ,Innovation, Stimulate and Assure.
2Marketing distribution
We act both as a consulting marketing company and as a sales specialist. We generate successful marketing concepts as a particular strength of our successful marketing distribution services.
We provide communication services in Portugal and across EU. For our service we operate four segments Business Key solution, entertainment group, consumer mobility and international. Our service includes wireless communications, data and internet services , local and long distance telephone services, managing network, telecommunications equipment.
4Human resources management
We offer organization corporates and employment services to onboard and manage employees internationally ,with or without a local entity. We place is an innovative recruitment solution based on crowd staffing.
5Financial analysis
We make it easy for financial services companies to rapid and safe onboarding and manage more customers manual the extensive majority of decisions, diminished fraud, reducing high cost of financial risk.
6Funding programs
We are providing financial support for organizations and we provide banks and private equity firms with long term funds that provide companies with investment capital. Even in the shoot up to an investment, we can provide targeted advice and support to companies with funding programs. Our focus at companies from developing and emerging countries ,from Portugal and other industrialized countries.
7Project management
We are expert professionals in managing projects and programs. Our core service is project management for the other organization. We take a specialized individual tasks and the creation individual complete solution for everything to do with their needs. We provide project management specialized for individual market analysis, planning ,coordinating and executing the projected as their needs. We claim multi cultural thinking and custom made solutions that overcome intercultural borders to find the right solution for our clients in the most materialized and attractive way.
8Electronic Commerce
We can help you to build digital business without considerable investment by letting intershop manage your electronic commerce .
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