About Us

Silveroak internet service

It is a privately owned company registered in Portugal. Since 2012 we are successfully providing our service to our clients. We are arising ,built, developed, operating and strategically investing in internet and technology companies globally. We provide functional hold up to your companies and help them scale internationally.
Our diverse background and long incumbency in service investing make us an ideal collaborator for business owners and management teams seeking a creative , value-added capital partner.
We put forward extensive service industry expertise and relationships to our clients and work closely with our management team to drive long term value creation.

We are

We have been providing service execution of disciplined investment strategies focused on control investment in targeted areas of the business,healthcare insurance and consumer service industries .
We are a strong group of talented, collaborative experts with complementary skill sets, drawn together by an entrepreneurial spirit and an unwavering commitment to excellence.


Silveroak Internet Services Portugal, Unipessoal, LDA is a company registered in the official bodies of Portugal under the legal form of UNIP.


Our mission is to help our customers to achieve their business intention by contributing innovative ideas, best consulting ,IT solutions and service and to make it a satisfaction for all organizations to work with us.


We’ll never lose vision of your goals or quit your results to chance. To make sure of your success, we’ll apply our proven, four-step process— discover, delineation or design, delivery, debrief. Our clients’ primary values form the foundation of their success, as do ours. Because our main mission is to make organizations better, it follows that our core values should focus on serving our clients' goals—and they do